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Dear European Leaders,
We urge you to take the lead on implementing a Financial Transactions Tax and use the revenue to create jobs in public services, save lives in developing countries and combat climate change.

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Jan, 2015 / Robin Hood

Yesterday, senior Democrat members of the US House of Representatives (America’s lower house, similar to our House of Commons) announced that they are backing a Robin Hood Tax based on the European ...

Dec, 2014 / Robin Hood

Our year started with a bang: we launched Future News, our latest Bill Nighy film. Short, funny and informative – it has now been watched more than half a million times! At the end of the film, we asked you to back the Million Strong campaign – to get a million actions backing a strong Robin Hood Tax in Europe that helps the world’s poorest ...

Nov, 2014 / Michael Whaites, Brett Holmes

While the Australian Government is threatening to raise VAT and is embarking on the privatisation of public health services, world leaders are meeting in Brisbane, Australia for the G20. But they're all saying the same thing: the path to growth is austerity and privatisation; the ingredients for further inequity. While the Australian ...

Oct, 2014 / Robin

Last week, we were invited to take part in this year's Blog Action Day - a day where thousands of the world's bloggers post about one pressing, global issue - and jumped at the chance. After all, challenging this year's issue - inequality - is at the heart of our work at the Robin Hood Tax campaign; and trying to right ...