Labour Turns Towards Robin

Labour Turns Towards Robin
October 1st 2015 / 

As another Labour Party Conference ends, we look back on what’s been a whirlwind week for the campaign.

After thousands of Sherwooders spread our Million Strong message across Facebook and Twitter, we vowed to go to our politicians to tell them the Robin Hood Tax is the most popular tax in the world.



And where better to do that than at their party conferences? So one week ago, we asked for your help to buy billboards in every major conference city (Brighton, Manchester and Aberdeen).

Thanks to generous Sherwooders, we have so far raised enough to pay for a billboard-van at every day of the Labour Party Conference in Brighton!



On the first day our Million Strong message went on the road, our fringe meeting was getting started. With only standing room at the back (and the BBC and Sky News filming), the audience burst into a huge round of applause when Robin Hood Tax campaigner Dave told the audience that we had reached over a million actions. 



Speakers including former City worker, Louise Haigh MP, spoke of the need for big changes in a banking system still obsessed with a culture of gambling. The Guardian’s Polly Toynbee complimented the campaign for our many creative stunts and spoke of the great good that Robin money could do creating more jobs and building new homes.

And then, our special guest arrived: the new Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell! A long-term supporter, John broke new ground giving us the welcome news that the Labour Party was up for being much more supportive of the Robin Hood Tax!



As the fringe came to a close, we found ourselves the main story on the BBC News Homepage. Since then, Robin’s been on TV, radio, online - the media’s covering Sherwood like never before.

Because of you, we’ve got this far. And we’re going to need your help to keep the momentum up.

With the Conservative Conference in Manchester this weekend, and the SNP Conference in Aberdeen shortly after, we need to show them that Robin is a force for good they can’t ignore.

Put Robin front and centre of the debate at the Conservative and SNP Conferences:


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