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For those of you hungry for a bit more detail we have brought together the following bibliography. It includes the latest groundbreaking reports from the European Commission and IMF outlining how the financial sector can and should pay more. Technical arguments, rates and revenue estimates and feasibility are dealt with by academic heavy-weights such as Stiglitz. Our own campaign research shows how dozens of FTTs are already in existence around the world and we go right back to 1978 when James Tobin first published his seminal paper on a currency transaction tax.

Policy Library

Declaration on Solidarity Levies to boost revenues for Sustainable Development

International Civil Society, 2015
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Taxing Transactions in Financial Derivatives: Problems and Solutions

Professor Avinash Persaud, 2014
Intelligence Capital: London

A European Financial Transaction Tax Revenue and GDP effects for Germany

Helge Sigurd Næss-Schmidt, Martin Bo Hansen, Camilla Ringsted, 2014
Copenhagen Economics: Copenhagen

The European Financial Transactions Tax and Shadow Banking

Daniela Gabor, 2013
UWE Bristol: The European Financial Transactions Tax and Shadow Banking