Time for a Financial Transaction Tax

Time for a Financial Transaction Tax
May 23rd 2012 / 
Robin Hood

This blog originally appeared on The American Prospect

Despite the Camp David G8 summit’s support for a shift from austerity to growth, there is no agreement among major western leaders on what growth requires.

Here is an idea whose time has come: a Financial Transactions Tax.

The tax would do two things urgently required by the crisis. It would take some of the profit out of the pure speculation that has created such hardship for countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland whose economies have already been pummeled by recession and by perverse demands for belt tightening.

And a tax on financial trades could raise some serious revenue, which could be put back into green investment and other forms of economic stimulus to help the economies of Europe revive.


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Robert Kuttner is Co-founder of the Economic Policy Institute.

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